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5/5 stars
Verified Review
Jose was amazing! Our dog was mesmerized by him. We learned so much in a short time and have been applying everything we learned and its working! We covered potty training, curbing puppy teething on us and our kids, which was so easy, who knew! His training is definitely aligned with our philosophy of not instilling fear in our dog to get the behavior we want. Our little pup he explained is a corvette, a husky, and know that this dog has a ton of energy that needs to get out. So informative, we would highly recommend Jose to any pet owner in need of help!

--Ryan F. Jan 31, 2017

5/5 stars
Verified Review
Would give 10 stars if I could
Excellent! Best in Miami!

--Michelle O. Jan 21, 2017

5/5 stars
Verified Review
Jose was excellent with our 4month old pug. He really had him responding to his commands and relax him within just a few exercises. He has a lot of knowledge to share and teach us as owners to understand our puppy. Elvis had been great since and responds well to everything we learnt. Thank you Jose

--Laura J. Sep 28, 2016

5/5 stars
Verified Review
Jose was perfect, very knowledgeable about the behavior of dogs. Patient , understanding and seemed extremely educated on his career.. Was at a loss about what to do with my dog but he gave me the confidence to understand the behavior and taught me how to deal with it. I am sure with time all he showed me will give my dog the understanding to know that not all people are cruel. Thank you Jose you really understood my issues.

--Joyce R. Jun 24, 2016

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"teaching people how to train their own dogs"

Jose specializes in providing tools for owners and their dogs so that they can communicate more clearly and understand each other better, building a healthier and more sustainable relationship between them. By addressing each client and their dog very specifically, Jose is able to teach owners about the complex and many times different languages of both dogs and humans, and how they can be well versed in both. Most dog/owner relationships can be improved greatly by making only slight adjustments in our behavioral patterns and environment, and by us humans being consistent with the way we communicate with our dogs. Jose brings forward 14+ years of caring for dogs and their owners and travels across the country doing training sessions . He has been chosen Thumbtack's Top Pro three years in a row.